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Milk, Mud, Muscle and Money - Contemporary with Mystery & Magic Elements

Julia's life takes an unexpected turn. A grandmother she's never known, an inheritance, and being appointed head of Holden Spas, all land on her shoulders at the same time.

Brent Clover is hired by anonymous sources to keep Julia from accepting her new found riches. Instead he falls in love with the beautiful, unsuspecting heiress, and throws a wrench into the scheme.

Will they succumb to the forces working against them? Or can they rise above the tactics and find their happy ever-after?

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Heart Wide Shut - Modern Romance

Jennifer and Jason have it all...careers, a daughter and each other. No one predicts her blossoming career and personality getting in the way of the marriage. It happened.

After separating herself from the hostility, keeping two steps ahead of Jason proves to be the greater of two evils.

Jason adores his wife. He wants her home...in his bed. The separation is torture for him and he discovers his creative side as he schemes to keep her close and force her to close her eyes and open her heart.

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Sweet Survivor - Romantic Adventure

The cruel and unexpected deaths of Glenda's mom and dad results in a ten year absence from her roots in Northern Ontario. At her uncle's invitation, she returns to take part in a nine day canoe excursion to Moosonee only to find her uncle sold the bush camp.

Marc Bouvier, the new owner, is led to believe 'Glen' Demars is joining them. He isn't instantly taken with the turn of events, nor is he convinced the bush is any place for a beautiful woman.

Glenda isn't looking for love, nor is she expecting her uncle to play matchmaker, but she is stimulated by his audacity and Marc's assumptions. She agrees to Marc's pre-excursion test before embarking on the adventure that takes them through the woes of mismatched hell to the depths of passion.

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Imaweddin! - Romantic Novella

Love, marriage…annulment?  What doesn't quite fit into this equation?  

When everything falls apart on the day of her wedding, Dande is thankful for the support and understanding of her minister.  A life-long family friend, he needs to use shocking tactics to steer the couple back on track.  Micky is desperate enough to try anything. Will the unorthodox approach end their relationship forever, or make them see the error of their ways?

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Under the Tuscan's Son - Erotic Comedy

Can viagra mistaken for a cold capsule conjoin an unlikely couple? In more ways than one.

A relationship with Elmoro, her new Italian-stallion brother-in-law, was not something Colleen set out to accomplish. When it happened, she couldn't ignore the impact on her feelings.

Elmoro wasn't searching for love either. Settling into his life, his career as a partner in the family law firm was plenty to keep him busy.

Meeting Colleen again set off episodes of fun, laughter and spontaneous sex, that rekindled his rebel nature and opened up his heart.

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