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IMAWEDDIN! --- has been given 4/3/4 Stars by Ibooks

A review for Somewhere Out There
5.0 out of 5 starsat AMAZON
A page turner...,

This review is from: Wendy Sweet Survivor (Kindle Edition)
Somewhere Out There is a fantastic love story, filled with adventure and beautiful scenery. I was drawn in by the first paragraph, and couldn't put it down... I highly recommend this well-written, fun story!


--"UNDER THE TUSCAN'S SON is a funny sensual romance.

--"Almost from the beginning, the journey and the week are filled with mishaps and trouble.

--"Filled with zany antics and several heated encounters, UNDER THE TUSCAN'S SON is a light-hearted and sexy read.



Title: Imaweddin
Author: Deborah Girrard

Publisher: Triskelion Publishing
Rating:  4 Lips 

Imaweddin is an unusual and unexpected tale with a surprising denouement, which definitely will capture any reader's attention. Deborah Girrard demonstrates an imaginative gift and a flair for dialogue and setting. The reader will undergo the ups and downs of the protagonists right along with them.  I enjoyed Imaweddin and think you will too!   

Reviewed by Two lips Reviews


Title: Heart Wide Shut
Reviewer: Cocktail Reviews
Score: 4 Champagne Flutes

I would say for my tastes this was a slow start to begin with, though a very good read once I got in to it. Half way through chapter 2 and I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished. Gripped! In the beginning I wasn’t sure where the story was going but it quickly became abundantly clear once I got going and read more. 

Although a few other characters are mentioned, they are not a big part of the plot. I liked that, and enjoyed the story centring solely around Jennifer and Jason. A married couple with a daughter, they both have good careers. However, Jennifer’s takes off better than they could have foreseen. Finding another side of herself, Jennifer appears to change in Jason’s eyes.  Sadly, their paths drift to the point of near separation, but Jason is not prepared to lose the love of his life. Whilst he comes across as domineering at times, it is quite obvious how much he loves Jennifer. She in turn still loves him, but can’t stand the fact he wants to organise her life. She is enjoying her career, her new way of life… What she doesn’t realize is he just wants her nearer to home and not gallivanting around the country—because he misses her so much. Oh how I wish life was really like that. To have someone care for you so much like Jason did for Jennifer. It is so nice to sink into the realms of fantasy with a great book, and this book did it for me. 

The love scene in the bath was very erotic but not x-rated. I would say it had just the right balance and didn’t border on anything distasteful or obscene. This scene was particularly very well written—in fact, the whole book was. Bravo, Ms. Girard! I give this 4 champagne Flutes as I really enjoyed it. 


During the weekend I have been reading MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMBORGHINI. What a wonderful book. I enjoyed every moment.



Debbie writes some of the best erotic fiction I've ever read! You have to check out The Lady Whisperer! So freakin cool!

Doreen Orsini, author of
      Tanner's Angel
      Hunting Diana


You've heard of horse whispering, right?  Deborrah has a new take on whispering. Her debut novel for Triskelion Publishig is 'The The Lady Whisperer'. This book is hot!

Realms Of Love


Coffee Time Romance

A moving story of an abused woman looking to put the past and trauma behind her, while looking for a place to belong. The emotions were intense in that you could feel Abby's fear and confusion about what has happened, and what is happening. The characters are well thought out; you knew each and everyone's purpose. The dialogue flowed smoothly, leaving you no doubt about what was going on. The sex is blazing hot and experimental. A terrific story that will give any woman strength.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance 


Enjoyed this book, Deborrah - great opening!
Marie Treanor, Author of
Old Town Magic
Ghost Unlaid
Queen's Gambit
Undead Men Wear PLaid
Some Other Sea


Wonderful news and stellar review!! You know, I really love your book titles too - they are always so cool with a nostalgic twist too!

Barb Webb  (non-fiction)
Anne Leland  (fiction)- Author of
Three's Company
Standing Still
Sinful Sundaes
Mile High Club
The Mom's Guide To Earning And Saving Thousands
On The Internet


Fallen Angel Reviews
Reviewed by: Debbie Johnson
Book: The The Lady Whisperer
Rating:  4 ANGELS

  This is one story that many women can relate to whether they have been abused mentally or sexually. The The Lady Whisperer is truly an inspiring story of one woman's journey to recovery from her past trauma, even while it gets your juices flowing. Miss Girard is able to get the reader into the characters' shoes, with her well-written dialogue as well as the right words for each sensual scene between partners. You will enjoy this story from the first encounter between Rick and Abby to the last sentence. A warning though: this is not for sensitive readers; it contains highly explicit and alternative situations.


Coffee Time Romance
Reviewed by: Kathy
Book:  Earth Angel
Rating:  4 CUPS 

     Ms. Girard has written a cute story about burgeoning first love between teenagers. Zabdiel is a thoughful young man on the verge of manhood, filled with purpose and responsibility. Celestra shows all the signs of being in love for the first time, filled with the awe inspiring feelings of awakening sexuality. I enjoyed reading this book and I am sure any young adult would enjoy it also.


Deborrah: Your The Lady Whisperer was the first book I bought from Triskelion.

Samantha Gentry, author of,
Masked Encounter
Sins Of The Past
For Love Or Money
A New Tomorrow
Deadly Encounter
Steamy Encounter

and over 20 Harlequin/Silhouette books


Debbie has a way with words not only in her books, but in her titles.

Beverly Rae, author of,
Love Times Seven
Deja Vu You!
Dancing In The Moonlight
Baby Blue


This is an Excellent ebook read. VERY HOT. Debbie I enjoyed your book sooooooo much. Keep up the awesome writing.

Twyla Dawn McNight, author of,
Unto Death We Do Part
You Like It, You Want It


I loved your book THE The Lady Whisperer. It was so hot and a great read. I have read it more than once!

Deb Frischkorn


Title:              The The Lady Whisperer
Author:          Deborrah Girard
Publisher:      Triskelion Publishing

Reviewer: Susan White
Heat Level: H
Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Abbey and Rick are interesting characters who compliment each other very well. The bond that develops between them is surprising given the nature of their initial relationship. The sex scenes are graphically detailed and hot enough to melt butter. The setting is nicely described and befitting to the storyline. The plotline is interesting but a little unrealistic. However, it is very entertaining. Ms. Girard is a talented author who has penned a contemporary tale of love and sex that many are sure to enjoy.

Susan White

Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Title: The The Lady Whisperer
Reviewer: Candy Bezner
Rating: 5 stars

The The Lady Whisperer by Deborrah Girard answers the question: What would happen if a sexually adv enturous man came face-to-face with the woman of his dreams? For the answer you will have to read this book! ...

Rick Dante is the founder of an organization called M.A.S.A. (middle aged sex addicts). He lives a full live. During the day he works as a Real Estate Broker. His side job is helping sexually challenged women reach their full sexual potential. He enjoys his life. Then a beautiful blond rocks the foundations of his world.

Abbey Fuller approaches Rick's door shyly, sure that no one can help her achieve an orgasm. Her friend, Mandy, made an appointment for her with Rick Dante. When she was younger, Abbey's step-brother and his friend raped Abbey. Since then, she has been unable to respond to any man. When Rick opens the door, she is unprepared for the handsome man standing before her.

Rick must use all of his talents to bring Abbey out of her sexual shell. He also feels drawn to the young woman. She brings out feelings in him he never knew he could have. He is also afraid to get too close to her, sure that as soon as she is cured she will leave him and go back to her life.

This story not only has great sex scenes between Abbey and Rick, but there is a solid story in this book as well. The plot twists come fast, leaving the reader breathless. Just when you think you know where this book is going, something happens and spins you around in another direction. I really enjoyed The The Lady Whisperer. I hope to read more books by Deborrah Girard in the future.

Candy, eCataRomance reviews