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The Hockey Game Will Bring Me Fame

This is the ninth book in the Lessons Learned series.

Jenny really wants to play hockey. Not only does the want to play, she wants to play on the all male team.

Is it possible? Can she prove she has what it takes to keep up with her male friends? She doesn't disappoint.

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No One Frowns on Hand-Me Downs

This book is the eighth rhyming story in the Lessons Learned series.

Lisa is the youngest sister in her family and deals with her personal version of hand-me-down blues.

She's feisty, level-headed and understands the reasons for her situation. Lisa isn't angry or disappointed, in fact, she's happy to be able to be her true self.

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I Can Prentend Kitty is My Friend

A rhyming toddler story. This is book 7 in the Lessons Learned series.

Louise makes a very special friend and invites kitty to play in the house.

They have a great time. Louise mentions how great it would be if Kitty lived with her permanently.

Kitty, on the other hand, has a family of her own to go back to, but promises to come by every day for some special fun.

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I Believe in Christmas Eve

Book 6 of the Lessons Learned Series

It’s Christmas Eve. Mary and her brothers are so excited they can’t fall asleep.

The boys eventually drop off while Mary stays awake.

The next morning is a very different story.

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I'll Always Remember my Birthday that November

Book 5 of the Lessons Learned Series

Benny's birthday is always a happy time. This year there is an added twist.

With a new puppy by his side, Benny needs to learn how to take care of it. Besides all the usual duties, he also has to learn how to scoop poop.

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A Baby Sister Please for Me to Hug and Squeeze
Book 4 of the Lessons Learned Series

Cindy dreads the arrival of her new sibling. She wants a baby sister to play with but knows her chances are even.

When the baby does arrive, she can't control the surge of joy she feels and realizes her fears were silly.

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Someday You'll See What Kind Of Pianist I'll be
Book 3 of the Lessons Learned Series

Paul struggles between piano lessons and his friends. His mom gently encourages him not to ignore his talent without making him feel pressured.

Turns out, Paul figures out how to manage both, and work toward his big dream.

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Should Bobby Do Chores Or Spend The Summer Outdoors?
Book 2 of the Lessons Learned Series

Bobby is excited school is out for the summer.

During his fun and enjoyment he realizes mom and dad need a little help around the house and offers his services.

His efforts come up a little short. Finally it's decided he needs another year as a free spirit.

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A Father's Joy is Fishing with his Boy - Toddler Story

Book 1 of the Lessons Learned Series

Four year old Ernie and his dad plan a fishing day. However, the best plans never play out. From the moment they leave, their trip is filled with adventure, fun and a few laughs. Enjoy.

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Earth Angel - Young Adult

Zabdiel Spikeston's mission is clear: Save planet Sangria from the cosmic radiation turning its fertile agricultural land to dust. But the peaceful mission is beset by sabotage from the start, and Zabdiel meets adversity at every turn.

Celestra Rotella, the daughter of a local winemaker, is a welcomed--and very beautiful--distraction from his mission's failings, until the evidence suggests she may have more to do with her planet's downfall than she's letting on. Could the whole Rotella family, who has been helping Zabdiel since he crash-landed in their vineyard, be involved as well?

Zabdiel fears those answers, but knows the people of Sangria are counting on him to save their planet from destruction. He must hunt down those responsible for the trouble on Sangria and bring them to justice, even if it means turning on someone he loves.

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Girls Gone Guardian - Young Readers

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